Quattro Rhodium

Quattro Rhodium

This manual engagement mover combines a powerful motor with twin roller traction and simple to use electronics.

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Our Quattro® Rhodium caravan mover features a unique twin roller design offering more torque, power, control and safety than any other mover on the market. This can be used with our  Smart Handset which offers unrivalled manoeuvrability and ease of use ever experienced with a caravan mover as well as our Basic Handset.

Technical Specifications
Manual |Engagement

2500 |Max Weight @ 15% Incline (KG)

20 |Average Current (A)

120 |Max Continuous Current (A)

12 |Max Speed (cm/s)

22.5|Weight – Two Motors (KG)

29 |Weight – Complete (KG)

85 |Minimum Battery Size (Ah)
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You can buy the Quattro® Rhodium mover supply only, direct from the manufacturer and benefit from

7 year warranty
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