Quattro Platinum

Quattro Platinum

Excellent value lightweight automatic engaging mover with protective case. The powerful and efficient motor makes for stress free manoeuvring.

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Our Quattro® Platinum caravan mover gives you the legendary reliability that comes with our Quattro® Titanium mover but without the manual labour. This version has an automatic engagement system meaning that the days of bending down to use the engagement lever are a thing of past. Just sit back and relax whilst you control your caravan using our market leading Smart Handset or the traditional Basic handset.

Technical Specifications
Automatic |Engagement

2300 |Max Weight @ 15% Incline (KG)

25 |Average Current (A)

120 |Max Continuous Current (A)

12 |Max Speed (cm/s)

22.5 |Weight – Two Motors (KG)

31 |Weight – Complete (KG)

85 |Minimum Battery Size (Ah)
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You can buy the Quattro® Platinum mover supply only, direct from the manufacturer and benefit from

7 year warranty
Free shipping

Or via our nationwide retailer network for a fully fitted service

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